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After 30 Years Nikolai is Perfect!

30 years in the writing, this is a BIG day for author Jim McIntyre who has continued to develop his magnificent book since the 2015 award as runner-up for an unpublished manuscript. Proud to be his publisher.

Embrace Your Inner Self

‘Explore and nurture the child within you. In your mind, hold hands with that little one as you continue on your way in life.’ — Dr James Khong

In his memoir, Dr James Khong shares his fifty years of experience as a medical practitioner to ease our minds by reflecting on our anxious, COVID-19 world.

Stressed? Anxious? Ease the Mind

‘Don’t mess your life up with substances, people or circumstances that do you no good. Move on. Strength comes from courage.’ — Dr James Khong

In his memoir, Dr James Khong shares his fifty years of experience as a medical practitioner to ease our minds by reflecting on our anxious, COVID-19 world.

The Other Side of Absence

A ten-year, and lifetime journey to words for dear writing friend Betty O’Neill has come to fruition. I noted her specialness in Motherling. These are precious moments in a writer’s life. You can follow this link to get yourself a copy.

ISO Leisure Time




This is how our publisher is using her work-from-home leisure time during lockdown. Not bad for a winter crop 🙂

Words with Wine



Suzanne Moore will be speaking about her debut novel
‘The Place Between’, publishing during COVID-19
and what it was like switching careers.

Latest Author



Journeys to Words Publishing is proud to announce our newest author Dr James Khong. He is currently working with our dedicated team to bring his title Pandemic Stress: Reflections on Thriving in an Anxious World to the market in July! We could not think of a more fitting release during these terbulent times.

High Infidelity Review

This has just come in from a reader — we couldn’t say it better!.
You can BUY High Infidelity, just scroll down 🙂
‘I am reading “High Infidelity” a novel by Shelley Davidow, published by a small Victorian publisher, Journey to Words Publishing. Forget Fifty Shades, this is a well written, rollicking read that will appeal to smart women of a certain age. The publisher should forget about a literary award and nominate it instead for a local tourism award. It certainly extends Byron Bay’s visitor economy into new sectors! It’s a great “getting-your-own-back-on-a-cheating-husband” yarn whereby faithful wife Lara flees the UK to Byron Bay following her discovery of her husband Brock’s betrayal. Here she meets feisty red-headed Ruby, rediscovers her mojo with the help of tantric sex therapist Mario and gets back into a professional (and perhaps personal?) relationship with a local doctor, Andrew.’
Ladies, enjoy!
Cora Trevarthen, Donovans

Familiar Words of Old

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist and writer. He was a child prodigy educated by his father, a tax collector in Rouen. His words are over 300 years old and more relevant now than ever.


“Almost all of our woes come from not being capable of remaining in our rooms”

— Blaise Pascal

Morning Walk

Friends on Jen’s morning walk. Gorgeous autumn morning. Maybe one of the last before the cold months.

Canine Intern Takes a Break

Taking a break from Book Cover design. Ogi and  Journeys to Words Publishing will have some exciting news about a new title discussing better ways to cope with stress in an anxious world.


We’re chuffed about Jess Hill’s win of the Stella Prize. That’s a deserving  outcome. See What You Made Me Do is dense and absorbing, not the sort of text we count as bed time reading, although that’s our ‘publisher’s choice’ reading time. Once started she hasn’t been able to stop.

Happy Easter from JTWP

There is still chocolate, fireside warmth and good wine. We hope you enjoy your Easter, wherever you are and however you celebrate it.

Technical Work from Home

Daniel keeps calm as we brighten the website. New updates, bits & pieces and Interviews of our authors are going live every day. Check back for fresh content daily to raise your spirit in this time of solitude.

Lockdown Affirmation

Lockdown is giving me the opportunity to catch up on forgotten tasks. This affirmation has been on my fridge for years. Why? That’s another story. I thought I’d freshen it up. As I copied it I sensed how relevant these words are in our current circumstances.



ABC Radio Perth

Jen Hutchison, author of Motherling did a radio interview with ABC Perth this week. She had this to say: ‘On the replay I heard my own voice – I cope with Raif’s absence, miss him every day, ache for him – but I now understand gone. Our book Motherling (because he was with me in spirit, every word) continues to comfort and inspire mothers who have lost young ones and others who struggle with loss. All over the world. I’m humbled and take strength and comfort from this ‘new life’ – Raif’s legacy in this world as he     makes his way in his next.’

Jen’s interview begins at 1.40.20. Follow the link below.

Jen’s Story



A Canine Intern

The role of Publishing Operations Coordinator  is interesting during Lockdown. Greeted this morning at my home office by our newest intern; a paw-rific assistant with a keen sense for all things shnack related. Welcome to the JTWP family, Ogi.

Office-window Vista

Easier to maintain a calm sense of the future when this view out of my kitchen/office window provides a changing vista, sometimes hourly. While humans panic in turmoil, nature is oblivious, perhaps even thriving, during our time of crisis. Is it trying to tell us something? Perhaps we should listen?


Online Book Clubs

It was only two weeks ago that we launched ‘The Place Between’ by local Perth author Suzanne Moore – Author Lockdown happened not long after, step, by step. Suzanne’s friend Jen was so excited.
Book clubs everywhere are linking up with talk-fest apps like Zoom and Houseparty providing group face time and ways to have a watch-my-face discussion.
Theme notes for ‘The Place Between’ can be emailed to you. Get in touch if your book club has gone virtual – we’d love to know, and we can join our authors in if you’d like a virtual house visit.


My new office

We are living in extraordinary times. And dangerous. We hope you are managing. What else can be said? We will get through this by helping each other and being mindful of our contribution to the control over this invasive, disruptive and dangerous virus.

Today’s pic is out my kitchen window. I’m one of the lucky ones out of the city. More time for reading and writing!



While post-communist Moscow deals with political transition, Vassili is descending into despair at his wife Anna’s chronic infertility. Following his father Sergey’s footsteps, he travels to Melbourne to teach Russian at a prestigious university. Accompanying him is a wrapped parcel to be delivered to a Helen Dalrymple of Mount Evelyn; a task that proves to be anything but straightforward.

Miscast and adrift in his new home, Vassili awaits Anna’s arrival. Bringing with her devastating news, it is not long until old resentments surface. At an idyllic guesthouse in the Dandenong Hills, the scene is set for a reckoning that will crack the secrets of the parcel Vassili’s father gave him, and blow the family apart.


In this unpretentious, gracious and humble memoir Dr James Khong shares his experiences of fifty years in medicine, his life experience and observations—about how to maintain good health and get through any health challenge better. 

‘… who is without stress in our world today? Who does not feel anxious about a future world of sickness and disease? Dr James Khong has written a book to help you know more about yourself and how to manage stress better. Read this book … it might save  your life.’

Elizabeth Chong AM


Sarah used to know who she was—a doctor, a wife, a mother—but as she prepares for the birth of her second child, she feels set adrift from her life. Sarah’s mother, Beryl announces she’s coming to Sydney to visit. Sarah hasn’t told Beryl she’s pregnant. She isn’t sure why not.  This could be the final blow in her already fragile relationship with her mother.


‘A gripping thrill ride of uncertainty, drama and family disconnect with a finale twist like none other! A must read.’ 


Every Parent of an adult child’s nightmare — you’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from halfway across the world. Something terrible has happened …

‘Motherling arrived Wednesday morning and I started reading it after lunch. I was completely absorbed by your beautiful, heartfelt and honest words. They resonated so deeply, and I could not put the book down.’


He arrives in the early morning gloom and stays until dusk.

Hundreds greet him. He shares a positive word and a smile with everyone. No one knows the true story of his life. His name is Tony Brooks.

Everyone has a story. This is his, and it’s not what you might think.

‘Fascinating, thought provoking, challenging and a page-turner. Journalistic skills shine through and get you to know Tony. You’re left wondering about so many things, on so many levels.’ — Helen


On her first day in the laid-back town of Byron Bay, Lara almost runs over the red-haired, slightly raddled Ruby in a car park. Relieved to be still alive, the warm-hearted Aussie leases Lara a small cottage on her semi-rural property where Lara’s journey of self-discovery begins.

‘Finished High Infidelity 10 mins ago and landed in Darwin!!! Absolute ripping good read … couldn’t put it down. Please sell screen rights to a movie!! Even though Mario is a stunner, I do think I am more of a Doc Roberts gal!! Clever writer!’

What are our Authors up to?

Suzanne Moore, Perth

Western Australia has done a terrific job of keeping Covid-19 under control and the state is open for business, libraries and bookstores meeting and greeting their communities.
Our Perth based Author Suzanne Moore will be in front of audiences at the following libraries, talking about her intriguing and absorbing debut novel The Place Between. If you’re close by, sign up and head on to listen to a lively and interesting presentation about her journey to words from veterinary practice to creative writing.

Thursday 17 September 2020, Rockingham Central Library. Perth WA. 5.30 – 6.30 pm 


Friday 16 October 2020, Bunbury Library, WA 10.30 – 11.30 am


Thursday 12 November Wanneroo Library, Perth WA, as part of Australia Reads 


Friday 20 November 2020. Busselton Library, WA 2.30 – 3.30 pm 

Jen Hutchison, Melbourne

12 November Rockingham Library, Perth WA

Digital appearance, as part of Australia Reads. And, Jen shares her knowledge via two Master Classes for Gippsland Writers’ Network

Saturday 19 September: 2pm to 4pm

Building Your Characters presented by Jen Hutchison from Journey to Words Publishing

How to know them and make them hum and dance for your readers. A life-long exercise that will never fail you in developing characters in your writing.

$20 for GWN members; $40 for non-members. Places limited.

Saturday 3 October: 2pm to 4pm

Dialogue: presented by Jen Hutchison from Journey to Words Publishing

Why is dialogue important? How to make yours better, best suited to your story, crafted well, and effective in your narrative, whether memoir or fiction.

$20 for GWN members; $40 for non-members. Places limited

If you’re interested, email jenjtwp@gmail.com for the sign-on link for either or both of these on-line classes.

Jim McIntyre, Williamstown

Save the Dates Victoria!  (and keep your fingers crossed.)

Saturday 26 September 2020

Meet the Author and share the joy of Nikolai the Perfect by Jim McIntyre. Thirty years in the writing, a Premier’s Award runner-up, and here comes Nikolai.

Pass by for a chat and to buy a first copy at Books and Paper Book Store, 36 Douglas Parade Williamstown, any time between 1.00 and 4.00 pm. Jim will be there, wearing a mask over his wide grin, signature at the ready. Our first event for this spectacular achievement.

James Khong, Cowes, Phillip Island

Again, fingers crossed Victoria, that the Covid-19 restrictions ease enough for this celebration of a life-long work of dedication and insight, gathered into a memoir, help and wisdom collection of stories, memories and gentle advice.

Saturday 17 October 2020, 1.00 to 4.00 pm

Meet the Author, share a smile and have your copy of Pandemic Stress; Reflections on Thriving in an Anxious World signed. 

Dr James Khong will be at Turn the Page Bookstore 40A Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Phillip Island. A great place for a Saturday afternoon drive. Dr James was the local doctor in Cowes for more than a decade. This will be a meeting of old friends and acquaintances.  Join in!


The Place Between: Reader Feedback

I was awake at midnight and thought I might as well start that book you gave me, The Place Between. I was still awake at 3 am and had to force myself to put it down. It was really good. I don’t usually read fiction but this is a terrific story …

I just loved this book. Time travel is one of my favourite topics but sadly one that is often done wrong.
The author aproached the idea of time travel from a fresh angle that made sense and just worked.
My heart ached for the characters, and it ached for the parts of myself I saw in them.
As a female that often feels misunderstood by the world and even my own people, I want to stand on the roof and wave this book around yelling ‘READ THIS! THIS IS HOW I FEEL SOMETIMES’

I struggled to put this book down. The only thing that could drag me away is my brand new super cute puppy.
Congratulations to the author on her first novel. I can’t wait for future works. 

Wonderful. Tells the story of so many women’s everyday life just beautifully. I cried for the characters when I reached the end but also the book was finished and I wanted more. Really loved this book can recommend it.

I have just finished my friend’s first novel ‘The Place Between’ and it was excellent! Suzanne who is a local hills girl is definitely a talented writer. The story is about relationships and their importance, particularly between mothers and daughters. Highly commended.

 Motherling: Reader Feedback

Thank you for sharing your story so honestly & poignantly. Although each motherling travels a very individual & solitary life journey of grieving & trying to make sense of the insensible, there are many commonalities that can be shared. In sharing, we offer ourselves the opportunity to gain insights & understandings & wisdom that help to support us in this journey.

I also purchased a copy of Motherling for my dear sister who, two years ago, lost her son at the age of just twenty-one to suicide. She was not able to keep him ‘safe’. Serendipitously, I just happened to hear a replay on ABC local radio of an interview you did with Myf Warhurst on the same day that I was catching up with my sister for dinner in Melbourne. Your story & your telling of it moved me so much that I was able to share it with her too. I am sure she will find much in your book that resonates with her journey.

May you safely continue your journey as a motherling & may you gain strength & warm your heart knowing that your sharing of your story enriches our lives. Bless you, for all that you give & do!

Bourke Street, My View from Here:

Reader Feedback

… Firstly, let me congratulate you on writing such a wonderful book about the life and experiences of Tony Brooks. I was given a copy signed by Tony for Christmas from a girlfriend, we caught up last Friday belatedly to exchange gifts. I have been reading passages at every opportunity and today I finished it. Wow! 

I am very familiar with Tony. My husband and I have always said ‘hello’ to him on our regular visits to Bourke St. His energy is so warm and friendly, there is just something about him. We have often wondered what his story was, and now we do … fascinating!

You shared Tony’s story with such compassion, kindness and direct honesty. I was also captivated because we live in Fitzroy North and the streets of Tony’s youth are so close to where we live. We literally live opposite the Edinburgh Gardens and around the corner from Alfred St. Compelling and beautifully written.

High Infidelity: Reader Feedback

Finished High Infidelity 10 mins ago and landed in Darwin!!! Absolute ripping good read … couldn’t put it down. Please sell screen rights to a movie!! Even though Mario is a stunner, I do think I am more of a Doc Roberts gal!! Clever writer! 

What a cracker of a read. I loved this novel. I’m having Mario moments often, since finishing this terrific read! Thanks Journeys to Words Publishing.