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About Jen Hutchison and her Journey to Words:

Jen Hutchison has created journeystowords.com.au to share stories, insight and learnings from life’s pathways. This web and blog offers space and recognition for the courage and determination it takes to sort through your muck, to put your negative experiences behind you and to embrace the positive and move forward. journeystowords.com.au recognises and respects anyone surviving and moving beyond difficult or damaging past experiences, moving to physical and emotional spaces where they are safe.

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Jen’s web and blog is her way of contributing to the current cultural awareness and willingness to confront and heal the long term effects of grief and abuse of all types. And to share the successes, not to dwell on the negatives.  Jen believes we all have a part to play in helping others through the bog to firmer ground. Much of the healing we go through on this human plane is done informally, outside of the caring industry.  We can help each other. Her small, sincere contribution is through these posts.

If in some small way journeystowords.com.au can assist even one other person to seek, to search, to heal and move on – Jen will have fulfilled her dearest wish. Those damaged, disrespected and disempowered by institutional corruption are particularly on Jen’s mind. So are those who have been voiceless and powerless through corrupt practices within a family setting or while under the control of carers who have not cared.  Abuse can be emotional, financial, physical – or toxic combinations of all of these destructive elements.

Jen Hutchison is a writer realising a promise – to herself.  It has taken her twenty-five years to get her writing back to centre stage in her life. Back in the day she worked as a lifestyle journalist for a newspaper, and wrote scripts for radio. Then, she developed a successful career in business.  Jen ran her own company before transferring her skills and her lifestyle to regional management.

In recent years Jen has realised her promise-to-self.  She writes, every day.  When she’s not developing her wordcraft, Jen travels and explores the world. She finds the silence and solitude of long distance walking hypnotic, a healing essence as powerful as the journey through thoughts to words. She has completed her first full manuscript, ‘Guilty Innocence’ which traces the life of a young woman who discovers at thirty-nine, that her faery, flighty, confusing childhood was in actuality a screen for serious abuse. ‘Guilty Innocence’ is currently under consideration for publication.

Jen is well into the creation of her second manuscript, which follows her personal pilgrimage through Spain in 2013 on the Camino Santiago. At special landmarks, chosen-by-whimsy, she placed sachets of the ashes and memorial notes for her first born son along the pilgrims’ pathway. Raif died in 2012.  Jen immersed herself in the healing air of the outdoors and the special human energy of the Camino, saturated in her thoughts and reflections on life, joy and grief, marking the passage with the celebration of a  young life ended too soon and without warning. The title of her second book length manuscript is ‘Hey Mama, We’re Walking The Camino’. It will be published late in 2017.

Jen has heard many stories of harm and recuperation, and has her own.  She hopes you’ll continue this journey to words with her, and take part too, leaving your own thoughts and wisdom.

Jen is a great believer in the power of the hug.  She gives and receives hugs freely in her life. There’s always a virtual hug on offer for readers of Journeys to Words.