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About Us

Jen Hutchison

When she’s not being publisher and editor at Journeys to Words Publishing, Jen is completing a Master of Writing and Publishing at RMIT. She’s passionate about writing, writers and good reads and this little company is the fulfilment of a dream.

She has found her tribe. Along her personal journey to words Jen has engaged with and learned her craft from some of the best writers and teachers on offer – Patti Miller, Anne Manne, Toni Jordan, Tracy O’Shaughnessy, Stuart Horwitz and  Kate Ryan. They have become her mentors and friends.

Graeme Clifford

After a long and successful career in bean counting and project management for advertising companies and an ink factory, Graeme is directing financial traffic at Journeys to Words Publishing. He’s good at it too.

On occasion he packs books and catches the mailman. He aspires to grey-nomading around Australia but so far, his wife has him too busy to leave town.

Daniel Chelchowski

Daniel is our Coordinator of Publishing Operations. As well, He is a talented proofreader with an eagle eye who manages our web traffic and social media.

When not proofing, editing, marketing or designing for JTW Publishing, Daniel is scribbling away to one day leave a lasting mark as an author. He enjoys assisting other writers to make their dreams become a reality.

Kate Taylor

Kate has worked in the private and public sectors, and is an enthusiastic recruit to the creative industry, diving head first into her role as Publisher’s Assistant with JTWPublishing.

There are a million backroom details to successful book production, launch and promotion, and Kate is our anchor. She’s the voice on the phone, our Media Liaison, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, and general arranger of all sorts for our writers, our in-house team and our readers.

Away from the office Kate can typically be found at the beach or in nature, with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other.

Editorial Excellence

Two of us are professional editors. We have a third freelance, external resource with more than twenty years of experience, one of the industry’s best to call on, and access to other outstanding independent professional editors to assist us in our calls regarding our writers’ work.

We take this part of the journey to words very seriously in our commitment to best practice, and to delivering our promise of a good read.

Web Strength

Glenn Todd and his consultancy Dvize Creative, is our web designer and builder. He keeps us focussed on the discipline of setting out what we need to see, what we want our readers and visitors to see and know, and how to build a communication tool that will serve all aspects of our activity.

He’s a smooth and sensitive teacher and runs tight projects.