...the promise of a good read...

From the Publisher

Journeys to Words Publishing is a proud publishing house. It launched itself and its first book, Motherling in May 2019. You can purchase this beautiful read and others through  our website.

High Infidelity by Queensland writer Shelley Davidow launched at NOOSA alive! This romping novel will have you turning pages. Bourke Street, My View from Here has followed in November, an intriguing and intense profile of ‘The Whisperer of Bourke Street’ Tony Brooks.

Suzanne Moore’s The Place Between launches in March 2020. Followed by Jim McIntyre’s Equal Runner-Up, Victorian Premier’s Award for Unpublished Manuscript, in June, Nikolai the Perfect.

Several diverse releases by various mature-age authors are scheduled for 2020 and beyond. Plus, we’re always on the hunt for more talented writers to join Journeys to Words Publishing. 

We focus on writers who  have come to the craft of storytelling after careers elsewhere. They are a vibrant community of storytellers, readers, thinkers, talkers, effective at referring each other, supporting each other and reading each other’s work. We source memoir, fiction, or narrative nonfiction, adult, young adult or children’s. 

Our tag is … the promise of a good read … New publishing pathways, structures and opportunities have emerged in recent years, and Journeys to Words Publishing is here, stepping out – setting and maintaining the highest industry standards – in editing, design and book creation. This is a full-service publishing house, not a vanity press. You can rely on us to deliver on our promise. 

Our books are produced with love and care, offered to you with pride, respect and hope.