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Every Parent of an adult child’s nightmare – you’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from halfway across the world. Something terrible has happened…

This is Jen Hutchison’s memoir of the ancient pilgrimage pathways of the Camino de Santiago, the story of finding and healing yourself after unimaginable loss. A tale of shock, loss and ultimately resilience and finding a kind of peace, one step at a time. She learned that death cannot change a mother’s love, and that she could live with her grief. She met intriguing pilgrims, shared stories and soaked up amazing intimacies and life-shaping insights. She was gifted with wisdom from unexpected quarters.

This book is a generous gift of sharing. A mother’s Wild journey meets Any Ordinary Day.
Motherling is an inclusive and warming read. It speaks directly to the reader’s experiences in parenting and to the tragic circumstances of loss. This is a memoir of weakness and strength, of angst and resolution, of loss and gain, of tragedy and triumph. It is an affirmation of the power of the human spirit to overcome the worst thing that can happen to a parent.


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