...the promise of a good read...


Noosa Alive!

This year Journeys to Words Publishing presented a workshop at NOOSA alive!. It was a weekend of workshopping excellence to hone the craft of writing for individuals aspiring to become authors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank NOOSA alive! and the participants of the workshop by revealing the feedback received from the workshop.

‘I am inspired by their dedication, wisdom and understanding of what readers want. I am not as daunted, and looking forward to getting some serious writing done!’

‘I have confirmed that my writing journey is on track. The insights I have been shown give me encouragement to continue and succeed!’

‘I have overcome my fear of being edited. I can’t wait to get home and edit my own work to reach excellence. Thank you!’

‘In the last three hours I have been challenged, rewarded, daunted and overwhelmed—I  have glimpsed the light of creativity.’

‘I have gained a level of confidence, I never thought was possible from this workshop.’

Thank you once more to those of you who participated in the workshop. May you find your own journey to words and fulfil the promise of a good read!