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Manuscript Guidelines

Once your manuscript is complete we would like to consider it. Please note the emphasis on complete. Hold up a book you’ve read and loved for its great writing. How is yours looking?

Giving it to your best friend to read is not going to get the work improved, although it’ll make you feel better, because of course, your loved one’s feedback is going to be positive and non-judgemental. Unless they happen to be a professional editor, it won’t get you closer to being published.

Ideally, your completed manuscript should have been through a structural edit by a professional editor before you send it to us, and you should have completed the re-writing recommended in the multiple page editorial report. If you don’t know an editor we can connect you with an excellent one, or Writer’s Victoria can put you in touch via their assessment service. 

Ready-to-submit means completed story arcs and plot, fully developed characters, effective dialogue, chapters separated and named, copyedited and free of rabbit holes, distractions, dead-ends and repetition. It seems silly to have to set this out but believe me, it’s necessary.

If you have completed these steps, or you are confident that your work will sail through professional scrutiny, we’d love to look at the manuscript. No promises, but a sympathetic assessment by professionals trained to judge.

This is the future, we communicate by email. No printed manuscripts will be opened or returned.

Send THE FIRST FOUR CHAPTERS OR 50 PAGES, (whichever is longer) to manuscripts@jtwp.com.au


Send a synopsis and a summary of your personal journey to words as a mature-age writer – How long have you been writing? How long did you take to write this manuscript? Where else has it been submitted? Have you published anything else? And a bio; what would you like us to know about you?

You work on your craft, you take yourself and your writing seriously and you want to be treated with respect. This will happen. Your part of the deal is to submit your work when it is the best you are able to make it. That way, there’s less chance of either of us being disappointed.

One last thing. Please be patient. We’re a small team, working on big things that are time-consuming. We will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript and give you an approximate time frame for feedback. It could be weeks and weeks, so we ask for your patience.

Manuscript Submission

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    PDF Format Only. Maximum File Size: 30mb
  • PDF Format Only. Maximum File Size: 30mb