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High Infidelity

This new novel by Queensland academic and writer of fiction and memoir, Shelley Davidow, is a ‘fab forties’ romantic comedy about mid-life, infidelity and finding happily-ever-after. It’s Kathy Lette meets Eat Pray Love and Bridget Jones’ Diary and a page turner that’ll put a smile on your face.

At forty-four, Lara Winters discovers that Brock, her husband of twenty-one years, has been cheating on her. Devastated and desperate, she flees her home in London, England and heads for the furthest place she can find from her old, blinkered life: Australia.

On her first day in the hippie town of Byron Bay, Lara almost runs over the red- haired, slightly raddled Ruby in a car park. Relieved to be still alive, the warm- hearted Aussie leases Lara a small cottage on her semi-rural property where Lara’s journey of self-discovery begins … and so Lara’s adventures and pathway through sexual discovery unfolds.

Look for more information on this exciting and satisfying read as March turns to April.

Release date 20 July 2019.

Price $29.00

Bourke Street, My View from Here

He’s in the same spot on Bourke Street every day, down the hill from Parliament House. He arrives in the early morning gloom and stays until dusk.

Tony settles his wiry frame on an upturned milk crate or sits on folded cardboard on the footpath. He leans back on the wall where an unoccupied warehouse meets a bookshop. Bourke Street’s elegant plane trees shadow him from the morning sun and drip on his umbrella when it rains. His upturned cap rests on the footpath, but money is not his raison d’etre for being here. His positive energy and constancy have led to his nickname, ‘the mentor of Bourke Street’.

Hundreds greet him. He shares a positive word and a smile with everyone. No one knows the true story of his life. His name is Tony Brooks.

Everyone has a story. This is his, and it’s not what you might think.

Release date 26 November 2019.
Price $29.00